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Remember don’t give up keep calling your cat check with neighbours and vet contact Cats Protection put food out put an advert in the local paper get your cat microchipped
It’s a very stressful and worrying time when your cat goes missing. But all is not lost! You need to be organised, patient and determined. Firstly, where was your cat last seen? Check those areas first. Call your cat walking back towards your home so that he/she hears you and comes to your home not further away. Put food down outside in case. Yes it’s possible another cat or creature may take it but if your cat is at all frightened or fearful you need to encourage him/her to stay in the vicinity. Get photos of your cat and put up posters around the area, contact your vet and give your vet a photo too. Do contact us with a photo which we will happily display here and on Facebook. Keep up calling your cat frequently throughout the day. Spread your search a little wider and, of course, ask all your neighbours and friends to check their homes, sheds, cars, outhouses, holiday homes etc..it’s amazing where cats will find themselves either from curiosity or fear. Letting your friends and neighbours know what’s happened also ensures that more people are keeping an eye open for your cat and more chance of seeing him/her. If you have a facebook page add that to it. Contact Cats Chat which also has a section to add missing cat details. Do not give up! It can be several days or even weeks. If your cat is prone to getting in vehicles you need to check delivery vans, such as local Postman, haulage or courier companies. Have they recently delivered and where were their next stops. Some cats have been known to disappear for  a year or more and turn up. Most importantly have your cat microchipped. That helps to establish ownership in the event your cat is found and also helps him/her to be returned to you. If you need help with what to do or simply want to talk about what you have done please don’t hesitate to call us. We will happily help in whatever way we can.
My Catís Missing!


 Isle of Arran Branch of Cats Protection

Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs
Muzzy, missing since 27th December 2012. From Lamlash area, Bungalow Road. Urgent appeal - have you seen this cat, no questions asked, no judgement made. We just want to get Muzzy home please. Ring 820611 or Lamlash number 471. Billy, Ginger tabby, has been missing for sometime. Was last seen in Whiting Bay.Please contact us if you think you have seen him, no matter how long ago.
Pandy Black short haired female cat. Missing since 2009. Never give up hope. If you see her please telephone the Isle of Arran Branch 820611
Our handy leaflet ‘Is your Cat Missing’ can be downloaded to help you with your search.