We may be small but our hearts are BIG!

As the Isle of Arran branch of Cats Protection we are part of the UK’s National Charity, Cats Protection, carrying out the work of the charity for cats here on the island. Our role is to find new homes for stray and abandoned cats that come into our care. To help the public better understand the needs of cats; to understand the reasons for neutering your cat not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies but raise the health of both male and female cats through neutering. We cover the whole of Arran, provide advice and assistance as we can; offer neutering assistance; find new homes for cats and care for them whilst we do that. We are happy to help provide telephone advice to areas outwith Arran such as Kintyre and Islay and if you are unable to speak to a branch on the mainland will happily help with advice and passing on details as necessary. If we don’t have a cat that suits you we will search for you till we find your PURRfect companion!                   

 Isle of Arran Branch of Cats Protection

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Donations We rely solely on public donations and cannot carry on our work without your support. Please help us to continue the work we have been doing with even a small donation. If you are able to help with a regular sum then why not try the Cats Protection Lottery. When you do please state on the form that you would like to help the Isle of Arran branch. To enter the lottery go to Cats Protection lottery. To donate now click on the donate button below. Thank you!!
Our vision is a world where every cat is treated with kindness and an understanding of its needs
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